1 Ciprofloxacin Taste masking granules 18.75%, 20%, 37.50%
2 Ofloxacin Taste masking granules 7.5%
3 Norfloxacin Taste masking granules  7.5%
4 Fluconazole Taste masking granules 1.75 %
5 Azithromycin Taste masking granules   7.5%
6 Clarithromycin Taste masking granules  7.5%
7 Roxithromycin Taste masking granules  7.5%
8 Sildenafil citrate Taste masking granules 7.5%

Frequntly Asked Questions ( Click on the questions to view & close its answers. )
1) What is taste masking?
2) Why is taste masking necessary?
3) What role does Qualitek Pharma plays in taste masking of bitter drugs?
4) Which drugs are being currently taste masked by Qualitek Pharma?
  • 5) Any any other drug be taste masked by Qualitek Pharma?
    6) How are readymix provided?
    7) What does readymix contain?
    8) How is readymix supplied?
    9) What is the method of reconstitution?
    10) What is the method of analysis?
    11) Are these kind of products internationally available ,if yes under which name?
    12) What certification is available?
    13) What other documents can we offer for these products?
    14) Can we supply the product as per choice of flavours and colours of our esteemed customers?